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zippys for toddlers

Zippy's are adjustable children’s skate you’ve been waiting for!
The adjustable sizing system allows children with shoe sizes ranging from J7 to J13 to have a safe, comfortable first-time skating experience.

The fabulous new Zippy skate also features
"Learn to Skate" adjust-ability.
Start with the "lock" setting so beginners can walk in the skates with the front wheels locked. As confidence and ability increase, advance to the "open lock" setting, where the adjustment allows the front wheels to roll forward but not back. Then it's on to the "open lock" setting for some freewheeling fun!















































SkateZone, located in the Great Mall of Great Plains,Olathe, KS
is the only Skating Rink in the Kansas City area catering to younger kids..
It is Family friendly and safe where kids can enjoy a fun filled Skating session without getting lost in the crowd or being run over by older kids.

Skate Zone is open rain or shine for excitement, exercise and enjoyment for younger kids ,
so you don't have to worry about your darlings getting mowed down by speedy teenagers.
If your child has never skated before, they can learn quickly (without bumps and bruises)
using the skate walker training tool.
Even if your toddler topples over, don't worry!
The rink at Skate Zone is made of special tiles to help cushion falls.
Parents are welcome to rent skates and join in on the calorie torching fun or wear flat shoes
and keep an eye on first-timers on the rink.

As an added bonus, skate passes are all-day come-and-go,
so you can break for lunch and then bring the crew back for another go-round!
When everyone's worn out, seal the deal on that "Best Parent Ever" award and let the kids loose in the
Game Zone Arcade.

Game Zone offers 8,000 square feet of fun video and redemption game play in a
clean, open and safe environment next to Skate Zone.
From popular dance machines to time-tested alley bowlers,
Game Zone allows the entire family to compete and enjoy an activity together.
Your kids will enjoy hours of skating fun and games that'll have them tuckered out before 10 p.m.
This is great for after school, weekends, days off school, or for special fun on holiday breaks.

Give your kids the chance to enjoy an active afternoon of fun and games, and they'll be begging to go back to Skate Zone!

SkateZone is a family owned and operated skate center that truly believes in providing it's patrons a clean, fun and safe place to enjoy the recreation of roller skating and listening to good music.

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roller racers

Introducing Roller Racers at SkateZone.
These Roller Racers can be rented out for 30 min for only $5 plus taxes.

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